Turn Your Coffee into a Dessert Drink with Whipping Cream

The custom of drinking coffee regularly is practised throughout the world, and Singapore is not a stranger to the ongoing phenomenon. Coffee shops, or kopitiams, in the country serve up coffee in various ways. You can even get creative yourself and think of inventive ways to drink the highly popular brew and drink.

Coffee – Singapore Style

For example, if you order coffee in one of the city’s old-time coffee shops, you might place an order for KOPI coffee, or coffee with sugar and condensed milk. Then there is KOPI KOSONG coffee, which contains no sugar at all. KOPI O POH is diluted black coffee that includes sugar, while KOPI PENG coffee contains sugar and condensed milk with ice. Yuan Yang is a half-tea and half-coffee beverage that features sugar and condensed milk.

New Ways to Enjoy the Beverage

Besides adding milk to coffee, you may also consider including an ingredient like butter or whipping cream. Both these additions give coffee a special taste and are ideal for anyone who enjoys and savours the morning drink. Naturally, the condiments you choose to add to your coffee depend on how adventurous you are when brewing and drinking the beverage.

Assessing the Fat Content in Cream

If fat content is a concern, then only add cream once during the day and include a lighter substitute (like milk) in your other coffee recipes. For example, any cream that you add contains an amount of at least 18% milk fat. Whipping cream is typically made of 30% milk fat, while heavy creams contain around 36% fat. The best European made fluffy whipping cream in Singapore is one that will stay in its whipped state and is fairly low in saturated fat and trans fat.

Warm Weather Drinks – Singapore Style

If you want to try a unique additive in your morning coffee, whipping cream is a nice substitute for the usual sugar and milk. Whipping cream can also be used in any cooling beverages that you prepare. For instance, Singapore beverages with ice can be made that feature whipping cream as one of the ingredients. The cream can also be included as a topping.

Chocolate Drinks and Cooling Fruit Beverages

You can also mimic the chocolate drinks served in mamak stalls in Singapore by using powdered coffee or a chocolate flavouring, along with ice cream and whipping cream as a topper. Drinks that cool in hot temperature extremes may include such fruits as mangoes and feature whipping cream in their concoctions as well.

An Ideal Option

If you are seeking for a unique way to add taste to a beverage, whipping cream is an ideal option. Just make sure you don’t have too much of a good thing and drink three or four cups of such a drink, as doing so can lead to a possible weight gain.

However, when you include whipping cream in a drink recipe and consume the beverage as a dessert drink, you can enjoy a flavourful reprieve during a hot Singapore day. Like any tasty treat, moderation is always advised.